Monday, October 28, 2013

Quite the concept

The innovation behind this is...well...breast breath taking.

A Greek TV broadcaster by the name of Maria Bacodimou will be wearing a special brassiere that, when unclasped, sends out a tweet to her 150,000 twitter followers, reminding them to perform a special breast self-exam.

Genius, in concept. Except I feel like she might have a lot of desperate men following her. But anyways, good idea.

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The idea is part of the October campaign for Nestle Fitness highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The "social networking bra" uses a "special mechanism hidden under the hook of the bra. When it is unhooked, a signal is sent to a cell phone which in turn notifies a server that generates a tweet" according to the article.

When the tweets go out at the end of the day, that'd make sense. But if one for some reason goes out over the noon hour...she might just be at the gym. Or...

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