Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Career Choice

Full disclosure: I've never cooked a turkey. But that doesn't sway me from wanting to pursue this new career.

Apparently Butterball is looking for some males to fill slots on their turkey hotline, giving tips and advice to clueless people who are on the brink of burning their houses down. 

According to the Associated Press this advice hotline has only had female operators since its birth in 1981.

Via "In that time, the group of on-call helpers answering phones in November and December has grown from six people to around 60. Starting Sept. 16, 2013, men will be able to apply to be a Turkey Talk spokesman or one of the operators."
Well, I'm about two weeks late in the application process, but how awesome would that be. I would be absolutely terrible at this hotline, seeing is that I have no idea what to say. 

The one thing I would know what to say to men that would call in: "Dude. Water does not put out a grease fire. Smother it or just back away and let it burn."

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