Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's no secret that Americans love their sporting events, but there's something about events pitting one country against each other that makes it special. It would never work, but can you imagine if there was a league for something like this? Take the NFL for example. Say there were 30 countries around the world that were pretty good at (our version of) football. USA vs Germany one week, China the next. A crazy rivalry with Mexico and Canada? I'd love it. It would never work, and would totally devalue events like the Olympics and the World Cup, but it would be awesome. For now, we've got big world events to look forward every other year (or so).
Captain America, Zach Parise
On that same front, since the Olympics are such a novelty, I'll watch anything. I found myself getting really into the Switzerland vs Sweden women's hockey bronze medal game this morning. I spent three hours watching USA and Canada battle it out this afternoon, and I'll do the same with men's hockey tomorrow. Figure skating is my favorite thing ever. And by ever, I mean for two weeks every four years. I can't get enough, and I'll be sad to see them go.

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