Friday, February 14, 2014

Hope your Valentine's Day goes better than this

They say all women have a little crazy in them. Some...have more than others.

Take Ashley Marie Prenovost for example.

Via the Smoking Gun:  

When her boyfriend declined to have sex, Prenovost became enraged, according to police. She allegedly punched two holes in a bedroom wall, and “punched a picture hanging on the wall in the hallway, causing glass to break and causing injuries to both of suspect’s hands.”

As Prenovost ran around inside the home, “she bled all over the floor in the master bedroom, hallway, common area by the front door and kitchen.” When cops arrived at the residence, a naked Prenovost attempted to flee through the garage.

Prenovost was arrested on a variety of charges, including assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage. And I have to think she's now probably single.

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