Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Thoughts

Apparently I'm one of the few people that actually enjoyed yesterday's Super Bowl. I thought the game was fascinating, the commercials were high quality and the halftime performance was a pleasant surprise too. Let me explain.


I'm a sports junkie/football nerd, so I thought the way that the Seattle defense completely shut down one of the best offenses in league history was amazing. From stopping the run game, to WR screens, to timing patterns across the middle to deep routes, the Seahawks defense was one step ahead of the Broncos every step of the way. The success Denver had all season long was Peyton Manning's ability to take advantage of his skill position players' ability to win mismatches. There were no mismatches on Sunday. At least not in the Broncos' favor.


It felt like commercials were going less for a punch line ad than a lasting sentimental ad, which makes sense. People need to see/hear commercials plenty of times for them to remember what they are for, and one 30 second spot doesn't do that. If I say "Running of the Squirrels", does that make you remember the hilarious ad from a few years back? Possibly, but what company was that for? I think companies are trending more towards ads that will stick a bit longer than just a punch line. I think you saw Ford, Budweiser and some of the other bigwigs heading in that direction.


I don't give two craps about Bruno Mars. I know who he is, some of songs sound familiar, but I could take him or leave him. Yesterday's performance isn't going to make me a "fan" so to speak, but it was certainly impressive. The dude can perform. And sing. I loved it.

And some RHCP action didn't hurt, even though I would have loved to see more. But, it was Bruno's stage.

What'd you think? You probably disagree.

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