Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This guy is unapologetically Canadian. Or perhaps extra-apologetically Canadian. Either way, I love him. Here's an account of what he did, according to Deadspin and the Windsor Star:

John Morillo, a 47-year-old Canadian man, apologized today for causing an international incident last night when he drank eight beers and then swam across the Detroit River, just to prove to his friends he could.
Speaking to the Windsor Star after being released from jail this morning, Morillo said in retrospect it was "really stupid" of him to drunkenly swim across the river, but not without adding that he wanted his incredulous buddies to know he'd pulled it off (emphasis ours):
If I’m going to be in the paper, I’d at least like them to say I actually made it, even though I got in trouble and everything. I gotta pay fines and stuff. But I don’t want it to sound like I didn’t make it, because then my buddies are going to say 'ha, ha, you didn’t make it.' Because that was the whole thing, to show them I could do it.

Canadian Man Sorry for Chugging Eight Beers and Swimming to Detroit

I'll make sure to let people know you made it, John.

The best part of the article may be one of the comments, where a guy thinks that John  should get his one reality show. Says "Dave J" - "Give him his own show, something like "8 Beers And I'll Do WHAT?" where every week he drinks 8 beers and then accepts some random challenge from viewers."

I'd watch that.

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