Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Uh Oh

I love eating challenges as much as the next guy, but letting the players compete in the middle of a baseball game? Maybe not the best idea. Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Brian Read
Most entertainment at baseball games is harmless, things like giveaways, kids running the bases, renditions of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
What about a hot dog-eating competition involving the players?
That's just asking for trouble. A notion Brian Read, a 19-year-old pitcher for the Seacoast Mavericks, can attest.
After all, he had to get a hot dog surgically removed from his esophagus Monday because an in-game eating contest went awry.
During the seventh-inning stretch at his Futures Collegiate Baseball League game Sunday, Read and his teammates competed to see who could eat a hot dog and bun the quickest.
Read finished last and then vomited.
"I started swallowing really prematurely," Read told "I didn't chew my food very well."
For most of Monday, he couldn't hold down food or drink. So, naturally, he went to the hospital.
Read, a sophomore player at Jefferson University in Mississippi, said it felt like a "brick" was inside him.
He was close: it turns out the doctors found a 1.5-inch-long piece of hot dog stuck sideways.
When he sat down to indulge in his first meal post-accident -- not a hot dog but a cheeseburger -- Read made sure he had a game plan.
"I was taking the smallest bites and chewing it to a ground pulp," he said.

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