Monday, July 8, 2013

Dragon Boat racing

I had really no idea what to expect from the Big Blue Dragon  Boar races at Riverside Park this past weekend, but it turned out to be an awesome event. It took our team a little while to get the hang of things during qualifying, but once we got going, we were CRUISING. We shaved 13 seconds off of our qualifying time in our heat and actually ended up winning our bracket. Pretty impressive for a team of ragamuffins. Here's proof that we won! I'm wearing a green shirt and a grey baseball hat, if you can spot me, towards the back of the lead boat. Gary Michaels is at the front right of the boat here.

Photo: Great day for dragon boat races.

Here's a picture of our awesome team! Met some great people that really came together quickly in a great event. You can find more of the pictures that Anthony from Coulee Region Adventures took from the event at

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