Thursday, April 18, 2013

42 Review

I'm clearly a sports fan and I'm a bit of a movie buff too, so went in to go see "42" with pretty high expectations. I think it captures 1940s baseball pretty well and encompasses many different parts of the Jackie Robinson story, but I think it came up short in a couple of different areas. I like casting Harrison Ford as Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey, but I think his impersonation of the Hall of Fame owner left a little something to be desired. I'm not sure what kind of gruff accent Rickey had that Ford was trying to duplicate, but to me it didn't seem cohesive throughout the entire movie. I also would have liked the film to focus a little bit on how Jackie Robinson came to the attention of the Dodgers' scouting department and eventually made his way to the organization. I feel like I'm nitpicking a little too much here. On the surface, it's a quality movie that I'd recommend you and your family go see.

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