Thursday, April 25, 2013

Instant Replay

Baseball is one of the traditional American sports holding onto as many vestiges of the good ol' days as possible that I feel like they're missing out on opportunities to make the sport both current with the times and have a high a quality product as possible. Last night the Brewers would have loved to have instant replay available, as a difficult call was made on Martin Maldonado that unfortunately ended the game and snapped Milwaukee's nine-game winning streak. I think anyone staunchly opposed to instant replay and use the argument that it would slow down the pace of an already slow game need to remember the fact that managers come out to argue nearly every close call they feel goes against them, so if we could go to the tape and eliminate any doubt, why wouldn't they? Part of me feels bitter that that Brewers lost on a fluky and controversial call, but I have felt for a while that it's a facet of technology that needs to be incorporated into today's game.

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