Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kind of funny?

Ignoring the horribly and overtly sexist rationale behind the decision, this from The Telegraph in the UK is pretty funny.

The delegates from the United Arab Emirates were in attendance at the Jenadrivah Heritage & Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, when religious police officers stormed the stand and evicted the men because “they are too handsome,” according to the Arabic language newspaper, Elaph.

Ah, being too handsome. A blessing and a curse. There were apparently going to be women in attendance, and apparently the government thought their hearts would swoon.

With a majority Sunni Muslim population, Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and ultraconservative society which forbids women from interacting with unrelated males and refuses to accord them with the same rights as men.

That's obviously terrible, but it's gotta be just a wee bit flattering to the men that were deemed to be too handsome.

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