Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Most Cubs Thing Ever

You might be familiar with the Curse of the Billy Goat, and if not, it's basically the reason the Chicago Cubs have been so terrible for so long. Anywho, there was apparently a disgruntled fan (or perhaps a sneaky Brewers/Cardinals fan) that delivered a goat head in a box to Wrigley Field, with the intention of it landing on owner Tom Ricketts' desk. I'm not sure if the fan was just delusional (probably true) or trying to pull something straight out The Godfather (also probably true), but whatever the intended effect was, it didn't happen. Ricketts wants to make upgrades to Wrigley, like adding a videoboard to join the 21st century, but some fans would prefer the Cubbies to stick to there inglorious past. The security guard that intercepted the parcel alerted Chicago Animal Control, and police are still looking for the man who goat away. (I made a joke there, did you get it?)

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