Monday, April 15, 2013

The Courtesy Wave

Many of you will likely understand the Seinfeld reference, but there is great power in the "courtesy wave" that one driver should give to another. I think Midwesterners are a bit more compassionate than perhaps someone from either coast, but it's still nice to see drivers understand and acknowledge a situation where a courtesy wave is necessary. I was driving into work this morning and there was a driver that was nearly perpendicular to the road trying to wedge in between me and a school bus. I saw the actions coming from a distance away so I gave ample room for this person, who I thought to be an idiot at the time, to get into my lane. I kept thinking to myself 'This jerk better at least give me a wave' and then sure enough, my faith in humanity was restored when he raised his right hand to acknowledge his driving behavior and the minor inconvenience he caused me. Thank you courteous driver. Especially on a Monday.

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