Tuesday, May 28, 2013

$54,000 bar tab

I've been to a few establishments in my life where I've opened up a bar tab, and generally if it gets anywhere over $50 for the night, I'm feeling pretty guilty about myself. Well, apparently a teenager in Japan went to some swanky nightclubs and racked up over $54,000 on his dad's American Express card.

According to MSN.com, Kyoto District Court ruled last week that bar owners and the credit card company bore the lion's share of responsibility for the misuse of the card in 2010, media reported.
The court ordered that the boy's father pay 800,000 yen out of the 5.5 million yen bill his son had racked up.

That's about 15%, or just shy of $8,000. I had no idea that much burden is on the retailers to help prevent fraud. I also have no idea how a 16-year old can rack up that much in one night! There were some insinuations in the link that there may have been females of the escort variety, but, according to the post, "There is no suggestion he paid for sex."

Good to know.

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