Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Vikings Stadium

When I first saw the design for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium design, my first comment was a sarcastic remark about how it's cute that the Vikings think that Adrian Peterson is still going to be a healthy, functioning running back in the NFL come 2016. All joking aside, it's a pretty impressive stadium. It's no Lambeau Field, but I think that Minneapolis will be getting its $975 million worth. It is interesting that Forbes valued the franchise at $975 million in 2012, and now the ticket price on the stadium is the exact same. Could the Wilf family afford that by themselves? Possibly, as Zygi's fortune is approximately $1.3 billion dollars. But if you can get the taxpayers to pay for your new toy, why not? It worked for Miller Park (and plenty of other stadiums around these fifty nifty United States.

While it bugs me that the design is not symmetrical, if done right, it could look really cool and kind of futuristic in downtown Minneapolis. The natural light coming in through the roof is cool, and it allows the team to play through a snow storm. Let's just home the roof can support the weight.

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