Friday, May 31, 2013

Really people?

There's the phrase "pick your battles" which I really like. But when you're going to battle, location is important to. A place not to get in a kerfuffle? How about a KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION CEREMONY. Come on people.

Arrests have been made after Cleveland police broke up a fight at an east side elementary school, following what turned out to be a false report of shots fired.
Police said the fight broke out during a Kindergarten graduation ceremony at Michael White Elementary School Friday morning.
Cleveland Metropolitan School District Spokeswoman Roseann Canfora said the fight took place outside of the school after an argument between two teenaged girls allegedly erupted inside the building. Then the fight spilled outside, involving several other adults either in the school parking lot or street.
She said at least eight people have been taken into custody for aggravated rioting, including two juveniles who are reportedly not students at the school and that no students attending the school were involved.
Police said a hammer and a stick were taken as evidence. However, neither object was used as a weapon during the fight.

Good to know the hammer wasn't used as a weapon at a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

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