Monday, May 6, 2013

Two days later...

Saturday morning, I partook in the 43 mile bike tour portion of the Grandad's Half Marathon event in La Crosse and I'm proud to say I accomplished the task. It started off in the high 30s for a temperature (especially brisk when riding 15 to 20 mph) and finished off around 70 degrees. Needless to say, the attire I was wearing to begin the race was quite uncomfortable by the time I was done. I got off my bike in Riverside Park my Achilles' tendons, calves, hamstrings, lower back and hands were all quite painful. I proceeded to lay on my bed (after showering) for approximately six hours and not sleep because I was too sore to get up and too sore to fall asleep. It was an interesting predicament. I woke up Sunday morning with my calves and hands being the only things that were really still sore, and by today, I'm feeling pretty good. I can still feel where the bike seat was for 3 hours and 45 minutes on Saturday (too much information?) and I think I'll lay off the bike for the rest of the week. Props to everyone that finished and to those that rode the 60 mile race: you're crazy. Congrats to all the marathon runners too. Excellent weekend for a great event. (Also, I'm really bad at cropping photos in paint, but that's me at about the 19 mile marker on Saturday. We were stopped at one of the aid stations for Gatorade and a bagel.)

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