Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

Think it rains too much on the weekends? Blame humans.

I found an old article (thanks to Reddit) that says that we're responsible for it raining more on weekends.

New research shows weekends are wetter. The cause, scientists suspect, is the build up of pollution during the week, resulting in rain at the weekend.

"We knew that cities have an effect on local weather with urban heat islands and so forth, and people are pretty sure that we're having a general global effect with carbon dioxide," said Dr Randall Cerveny of Arizona State University.

An examination of five decades of data on hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic showed a similar cyclical pattern.

According to the post, there was about 22% more rain on Saturdays as opposed to Mondays, so don't blame the weatherman for the weekend rain!

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