Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brian Urlacher.

I hate most things about Chicago. The drivers, the weather, the Cubs, Jay Cutler, etc. Growing up in Milwaukee, I wasn’t a fan of Michael Jordan, but I came to respect and appreciate who he was and what his career meant. When Brian Urlacher came into the NFL in 2000, I had many of the same feelings. I hated that he was so good right away, earning Rookie of the Year honors and a spot as a Pro Bowl alternate in his first year. When he was healthy, he was undoubtedly the best in the league. He was the player that, as a Green Bay fan, you kept your eye on when the Packers were on offense. 

I typically only watched two games a year – when Chicago and Green Bay squared off – but it was easy to see Urlacher’s impact on the game. He stood out physically on defense, so even a casual observer could see that Urlacher played the game on another level. The Packers have gotten the better of the Bears over Urlacher’s career, winning 18 of 27 games, but #54 has made it difficult for Green Bay each and every time. Urlacher was the catalyst that helped turn the Bears defenses into some of the best of the era. He’s deserved every award and accolade he’s attained over the course of his career, and I’m in full support of his candidacy as a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

He’s had some great games and plays against the Packers, and I’ll miss seeing lining up against Green Bay twice a year.

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