Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sandwich Battle Lines

When it comes to fast food rib sandwiches, people are pretty split. Either the opinion is that they are the greatest sandwiches ever (I tend to lean toward this camp) or that they are a revolting non-meat product (I may lean this way after eating my second or third). The stalwart in this industry has been the McDonald's McRib, but there's going to be a competitor unveiled this summer - the BK Rib Sandwich.

According to USA Today, the BK Rib Sandwich sold “extremely well” during a test run at Burger King locations in Louisiana. The new sandwich will debut nationally on May 21 and have a price of around $3.49 a la carte, or $5.59 as a meal with fries and a drink.

In most of my fast food endeavors (which I prefer to be few and far between), I tend to order off the dollar/value menu, but for the right item, I may splurge. And I'm a sucker for the "limited time only" gimmick, so you better believe I'll be dining on the BK Rib Sandwich this summer.

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