Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where's the beef?

We give away a lot of prizes on the radio, from gift certificates to water park passes to jet skis, TVs and furniture. One thing we have not given away is livestock. In Japan last year, golfer Luke Donald won not only a golf tournament but a Miyazaki cow as part of the prize. According to an ESPN report, The cows get names, are rumored to drink beer and get massaged with sake, and have a high amount of fat that is prized by those who can afford to eventually eat it..

It's another version of Waygu beef, similar to Kobe. Sounds freaking delicious. 

As you might imagine, the logistics of shipping a head of cattle from Japan to England, where Donald is from, is kind of difficult. So, he had the cow butchered and sent to the United States, where he hired two chefs to help him prepare the beef, which runs upwards of $160 a pound. After months of wrangling, Donald finally acquired 200 pounds of the specialty beef, valued at approximately $80,000. Given that the purse at the event was $2.5 million dollars, $80k is only a fraction of the prize money available. But it's easily the most delicious. 

Said Donald of the beef: ""It's very marbled and the knife just eases through the meat. Definitely the best beef I've ever had."

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